The programs or scripts described below are provided as freeware for the ham-radio community.

QRB for windows


QRB is a tiny program for distance calculation, based on QTH-locators, which are used by radio amateurs. QRB is a 32-bit-application, running under Microsoft Windows (tested with Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000 and WinXP).

The following options are supported:
Language: Deutsch or English
Distance in km or miles.

Author of QRB is Georg Einfalt, DL5NO.
QRB is freeware.

The size of QRB.EXE (actual version 2.1) is 220 kBytes only.

Click here to download the archive QRB21.ZIP, which includes QRB.EXE and a short description.

Electronic logbook


The technology behind DL5NO's electronic logbook is a CGI-script written in Perl. The program is running directly on the HTTP-server and it reads a logfile, which is stored on the server also.

At my amateur radio station I am using DX4WIN, a fine logging program from Paul, KK4HD. DX4WIN supports an ADIF export function. This output format is the input of the logcheck-script. As option an additional script recombines the output of the logging program with the data stored at the "logbook of the world" (LOTW), which is operated by the ARRL.

As the logcheck is running on the server and no log-data is transferred to the client (as some Java-based logcheckers do), the check is quite fast.

The program has been tested on an Apache HTTP-server. If you like to get the scripts, send me an email. Remember: You must be able to run an own CGI-script on the HTTP-server. Some providers of webspace offer CGI-support with predefined scripts only (e.g. counters). In this case the logcheck-script will not work.

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