Distance calculation Java-Applet for radio amateurs

by Georg Einfalt, DL5NO

This Java-Applet may be used by radio amateurs within their webpages free of charge.

Download the applet "Locator.class" and copy it to the server which contains your webpage.
Note: The file-extension has to be .class, so your webpage-loader has to support extensions with more then 3 charaters.

Add the following code to your webpage at the place, where the applet should appear:

<APPLET CODE="Locator.class" WIDTH=270 HEIGHT=125>
<PARAM NAME="Copyright" VALUE="DL5NO">
<PARAM NAME="BgdColor" VALUE="A0F0F0">
<PARAM NAME="Language" VALUE="E">

The parameters "Copyright", "OwnLoc", "OwnCall" have to be present always. The last two parameters "BgdColor" and "Language" are optional.

Copyright: The copyright-information has to be included, otherwise the applet will not start.

OwnLoc: Include your own locator (instead of JN58VD).

OwnCall: Include your own call (instead of DD1NY - this is the callsign of DL5NO's XYL)

BgdColor (optional): This parameter defines the background-color of the applet. The parameter contains 6 characters "RRGGBB" (red, green, blue). RR, GG and BB are hex-values between 00 and FF. If this parameter is not included, the background-color defaults to white (equals FFFFFF).

Language (optional): If this parameter is not included or set to "E", the language of the applet is english. Another valid setting is "D" (Deutsch).

I would be happy to get your feedback after you have included the applet to your webpage.

73 de Georg, DL5NO
EMail: georg@dl5no.de

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